Year-end films…

Or, I didn’t watch any films this year


In trying to determine what movies I’d seen this year so I could make a year end list, I realized that I have only watched 10 (!) movies in theaters all year, many of which have no right being on anyone’s year-end list. The following is a list of movies I paid to see (please, don’t laugh):

The Dark Knight
Harold and Kumar
Incredible Hulk
Hellboy 2
Baby Mama
Be Kind, Rewind

In a year that was ostensibly pretty good for films, or so it seems, at least four of these almost certainly would’ve made my final list (Ironman, Dark Knight, Hellboy 2, and Wall-E). So I can say that, even with the embarrassingly low amount of films I’ve actually seen, I feel like I’ve seen some of the better ones of the year (I have long been bored by traditional Academy films; read: Brokeback Mountain, Charlie Wilson’s War-type films that typically extend themselves toward some greater meaning).

– After I saw Wall-E, I went on a pretty rampant diatribe about why it’s not nearly as spectacular as the reviews and my friends were claiming that I have since, at least somewhat, taken back. I still think there are a number of Pixar films that are better but this was pretty great.

– The Dark Knight was as great as everyone said if a little long and wasteful of a lot of Two-Face story that should’ve been used for the third installment

– Ironman was my favorite film of the year, hands down. It was great and might be the best superhero movie of all time (at least it should be in the discussion)



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2 responses to “Year-end films…

  1. Mick

    I’m just curious as to why you paid to see Wanted, Baby Mama, and Be Kind, Rewind. Now Baby Mama had its moments, but I felt as though I’d wasted my time in watching them, even though I didn’t pay to see them, especially Wanted. In fact, I demand Common to refund the time I wasted to watch a movie that rivals only Four Brothers in terms of voilence in any one movie. It was a poorly-constructed “movie” that is ultra-violent for violence’s sake. That said, I agree with your views on Wall-E. While it was entertaining, it was, for me, at least, bottom tier of all the Disney Pixar movies, but this is coming from a guy who thinks Cars is the crown jewel of Pixar, so take whatever I say as you will.

  2. Chris

    Wanted was significantly more fun than you’d think. Friends of mine that are comic buffs hated it because of how far it strays from the original story, but campiness aside, it’s a pretty fun action flick. My mom went as far as to say it was her new favorite movie ever after she saw it.

    Baby Mama was a significant-other request. Subsequently, I have refused to see the likes of Eagle Eye.

    Be Kind, Rewind was promising from trailers. Turns out that’s about as much as it was worth. One of the most disappoint movies I’ve ever seen.

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