Spinning ’round: Seven Swans


So for whatever reason, I can’t stop litsening to Sufjan Steven’s Seven Swans. For a time, I had almost completely forgotten about Sufjan, mostly because I find a lot of his music contrived and overwrought. But after reading Brian’s retrospective on Michigan football, Eleven Swans, about a month ago, I haven’t been able to get this record out of my rotation.

My friend Justin, who happens to know a lot more about fishing than you, made an interesting comment a little while ago when we were talking about this record. He said that Sufjan is a singles writer trapped in an album mindset, which seemed to make a lot of sense to me. I can’t really explain it too well, but listening to his albums, he seems more concerned with making each song the best song you’ve ever heard but not really fit with anything else on the album. I’m sure when he said it, he had something else in mind completely,  but that was my interpretation. And now, a live performance of Sufjan doing the title track off of Seven Swans and just beging generally crazy, telling stories no one cares about and whatnot.

Sufjan Stevens – “Seven Swans” live


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