Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “I Am Goodbye” video

I had the good fortune of seeing Bonnie “Prince” Billy play an intimate, invite-only show a few years ago at Stormy Records (owned by artists Windy and Carl). At the time, I didn’t know much about Bonnie aside from the fact that he used to have a beard and at that show, he didn’t. He rambled on about local instrument shops and Madonna for a while and played a bunch of songs I barely recognized. Needless to say, my invite was out of my personal relationship with the owners and not a known love for Billy.

But after his 2008 release Lie Down In the Light, I’ve become a firm believer in the power of Bonnie “Prince” Billy. Here’s a new track (or new video, anyway) from his upcoming album Beware. Beareded once again, I really really enjoy this track. Take a gander.


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