Welcome to the big leagues


In high school, my friends once said to me, “You’re the most pretentious person I know.” I took great pride in that. I’m kind of a headcase. But much of their dismay stemmed from my musical taste and how particular I was about what music I listened to and otherwise accepted as… real. There was a time when I refused to listen to music with lyrics in it because of how superficial most vocals are. It was a heavy dose of Constellation Records and other such pretention.

But where most of my musical taste selections were pulled was Pitchfork. To me, it was the single most interesting and intelligent music site in the world, and in fact, judging by its growing popularity and continued success, it probably still is. Well, something of a lifelong dream came true today and I am finally published on Pitchfork myself. I am doing mostly track reviews at the moment and my first one went up today, Tim Exile’s “Family Galaxy”. I would throw up a money quote, per usual, but would defeat the whole purpose of you having to go to the site and see my name on there (i.e. headcase, etc. etc.). Anyway, I’ll post these as they go up on the site.  But for now, here’s the first.



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2 responses to “Welcome to the big leagues

  1. You’re one of the least pretentious people I know.

  2. Yes, but times change and so do people. My pretention peaked in high school. Early bloomer, I suppose. Now I’m just a jock with boyish good looks.

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