Black Pus track review

Not a particularly informative or interesting post. Here’s a track review I did of Black Pus–side project of Lightning Bolt drummer Brian Chippendale–single “Down Down Da Drain”.

I’ve realized that I don’t do nearly enough recreational writing to spend a lot of time on this site. My fiend Miles at Alpha Fount recently had a kind-of-similar epiphony, only his had more to do with the ethical dealings of his site. And Ian of Sexy Results has recently realized that he spends too much time on message boards and not enough doing constructive things like blogging.

I hope to start writing in here a little more but frankly don’t know if I have time yet. I do want to do a rundown of the NBA Finals and how we got here (including the defeat of the Cavs, a team that readers of this blog will now I was skeptical of, and my sort of being right/sort of being wrong about Dwight Howard). But we’ll see how it all turns out. Chances of me grinding out a 1,000+ word preview/rundown of the Finals is unlikely but I might get around to it.


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