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So a few years back, a Web site called Splice Today started up. It was, essentially a free form culture webzine devoted to just about every type of pop culture media you can imagine. The particularly devoted EIC/founder Russ Smith, at the sites inception, tapped The Michigan Daily (where I was then an editor of some sort of another) for writers, with it basically being the premiere college newspaper arts section in the nation. I told him I might be interested in the future. And I was. I wanted to write for the site and told Russ on several different occasions that I wanted to contribute to the site. But on all of those instances I flaked and ended up not writing anything.

Well, finally, after a whole bunch of time and discussions with friends about video games, I realized that Splice didn’t cover video games at all. Me and a few friends of mine decided to put in some work and write there. Here’s my first article about video games–essentially why and how video games became the preeminent form of media in our current society. Money quote:

The rise of video games has been unprecedented in both its rapidly increasing capabilities and cultural relevance. The current state of next gen systems (Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3) was but a pipe dream 10 years ago. For a point of reference, compare Jurassic Park to Transformers, and Madden 99 to Madden 09. The differences in the latter are more akin to comparing Hitchcock movies to the Transformers series—you know, without all of the aesthetic and quality implications. Hell, compare Ghostbusters with its recent next gen release; the differences don’t compare to the huge leaps made in video game technology. With the rise of the digital age, so too has followed the rise of the video game.


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