Fresh bloggin’

So, as this blog’s original content waned in the last couple of months (and really my output on all writing fronts started to dip), I came to the conclusion that not only was this blog a little too spastic for my liking, but I didn’t really care for what I was writing about. My move away from the arts has been a gradual and extended one. I’m not really sure why I’ve become so disinterested in them. Part of it may be my lack of genuine human interaction. I spend a lot of time with people at work and a few bartenders who I’ve gotten to now over the past year, but rarely to I have the chance to engage people–interesting people–in the kinds of dicussion that harbors good ideas and an interest in things like the arts. It’s difficult to relate to human emotion when you haven’t really had any fluctuation in your emotions for a year.

But the one thing that I did gravitate toward (as the posts on this blog show), more so than ever in the past, was sports. I became invested in a lot of sports I wasn’t previously, and more deeply invested in those that I was. As such, I’ve started a sports blog. I waste too much time on message boards, talking to the same people who disagree with me and think I’m an idiot. I’d rather avoid that. But talking about sports still interests me. The blog is called Burgeoning Wolverine Star–the name explained here.  Otherwise, the blog is just about my random thoughts about sports: Breaking down teams/plays, looking at polls and stats, essays on players and leagues. If you’ve ever talked to me, you probably know what the blog is about. Check it out. Or don’t.

Postscript: Man, the user interface is so much better on Blogspot than it is at WordPress. Day N Nite, I tell you.


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