Catching up

I’ve been looking for a way to start talking about the music and video games that I care about again. Since I already have a blog in place, I might as well pick up where I left off. Most of my writing is (and will continue to be) wrapped up in Michigan football over at Burgeoning Wolverine Star, but I’m going to make an effort to start writing here semi-frequently.

I’ve written a bunch of video game reviews since the last one I posted here, but the most recent is the remake of Goldeneye for the Wii:

Unfortunately, in 2010 the archetype that saw Goldeneye 007 rise to fame in 1997 is a wildly outdated model that without a significant revamp pales in comparison to its contemporaries. But modeling the game directly after the current next-gen FPS completely destroys the game’s remake nostalgia. The Wii’s limited graphical capabilities combined with the game’s own existential uncertainty combine for a game that’s woefully undermatched against its contemporaries and is disjointed in its own right.

Regardless, I’m looking to start writing here more frequently.


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