Music Diary Project

Friend of the blog and transcontinental internet friend Nick Southall has decided to undertake a(n informal) project and is asking for everyone’s help. The Music Diary Project is a documentation of what music you listen to and when you listen to it. In Nick’s words:

The Music Diary Project is an attempt to document, over the course of one week, how we listen to music: when we listen, where we listen, who we’re with when we listen, and how we choose what we listen to. Anyone is welcome to join in, as long as you would ordinarily be listening to music in that week or any other week; from music journalists to musicians to serious music geeks and casual music fans.

The idea is simple. For seven days this April, from Monday the 4th to Sunday the 10th, anyone who wants to take part will keep a diary of everything they listen to, and publish it online somewhere. How detailed that diary is, is up to the individual participants to decide. It may be an annotated list drawn from scrobbles and chucked up onto a Tumblr; it may take the form of a Tweet or a Facebook status update every time you select a new song on your iPod; or you may keep a detailed spreadsheet of your listening and post it, with notes, on your blog at the end of the week. It’s up to you. If you could tag however you decide to publish your list with “musicdiaryproject” so we can find each other’s entries, that would be awesome.

I, as a nominal music writer, am going to try and partake in the festivities. In addition to what/who I’m listening to, I’ll chart the time, location, and duration of my listening experiences through the week. If you have the means, I suggest you take part. This’ll be a fun experience–besides, Nick is going to put together a spreadsheet of everyone’s responses in the end, so it’ll be cool to see where you stack up–and probably pretty interesting self reflection.

I’m sure when it’s all said and done, it’ll reveal that I don’t listen to nearly as much music as I should, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


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