Music Diary Project: April 5

The second entry in a series for Sick Mouthy’s Music Diary Project. Previously: Music Diary Project: April 4

Artist Album Time of Day Duration Location Notes
Papa Roach “Last Resort” radio 6:47 AM 4 mins Driving to work Listened to talk radio after Papa Roach song ended
Jamie Woon Mirrorwriting 7:34 AM 54 mins Work New album recommended by friend (finished album)
Jamie Woon Mirrorwriting 9:43 AM 7 mins Work Re-listening to album. Waited to finish scheduled conference call to listen
Jamie Woon “Gravity” live on Youtube 9:50 AM 10 mins Work
Jamie Woon Mirrorwriting 10:07 AM 20 mins Work
Jamie Woon Mirrorwriting 10:32 AM 10 mins Work Paused and restarted the album
Jamie Woon Mirrorwriting 12:00 PM 22 mins Work Lunch and blogging music
Jamie Woon “Gravity” 12:39 PM 5 mins Work Plan on listening to this song and moving on. iPod needs to be charged
TV On the Radio Nine Types of Light 12:44 PM 36 mins Work Paused briefly to watch video game trailer
TV On the Radio Nine Types of Light 1:35 PM 20 mins Work
Jamie Woon Mirrorwriting 1:59 PM 48 mins Work
LCD Soundsystem This Is Happening 2:48 PM 53 mins Work Needed something with more juice than Jamie Woon
Panda Bear Tomboy 3:45 PM 10 mins Work
Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 16:03 10 mins Driving home from work
Lil Wayne Road to C4 4:14 PM 10 mins Driving home from work
Frank Ocean Nostalgia, Ultra 6:21 PM 43 mins At home Playing video games

Once again, the majority of my listening took place at work. Also, like yesterday, my listening was characterized by a lot of stops and starts for various reasons.

As you’ll see, a majority of my time was spent listening to the Jamie Woon album Mirrorwriting. It’s a spacey R&B album that was recently leaked and is sure to draw countless comparisons to current It Guy James Blake (not necessarily unwarranted either). Woon hovers between teetering-on-the-brink confessions and some of your more subdued, typical R&B fare. I downloaded the leak a few weeks back but never got around to listening to it. When I did (yesterday), I fell in love with it, hence the repeated listenings.

Continuing Monday’s trend, everything I listened to yesterday was new with the exception of LCD Soundsystem and Nicki Minaj, both of whom released albums in the last years or so.

TV On the Radio’s Nine Types of Light is really starting to grow on me, a far cry from my initial thoughts about the record. I still don’t think its on par with their earlier material, but it’s also not quite as disappointing as I originally thought*.

Two days in a row, I’ve decided to listen to high-energy hip hop on my drive home. It’s no secret that I enjoy listening to something with a little oomph when I’m in the car–that is unless I’m driving home at night, when I generally prefer more ethereal stuff–but juxtaposed against the rest of the music I listen to all day, it really stands out.

LOL Papa Roach.

*I find that this happens a lot with records that can be considered “experiments” for bands that I adore. When they break from their mold, unless its greatness is immediate (e.g., James Blake’s LP versus his beatz-heavy EPs), I tend to have a pretty severe negative reaction. With time, those feelings cool and I accept that artists like to try new things. TV On the Radio is going for Pop music on this record and I can accept that. It’s OK.

Update: Forget to add up my total listening time from Tuesday: 352 minutes (5 hours and 52 minutes), a significant jump from Monday’s 3 hours and 49 minutes.


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