Music Diary Project: April 6

The third entry in a series for Sick Mouthy’s Music Diary Project. Previously: Music Diary Project: April 4, Music Diary Project: April 5

Artist Album Time of Day Duration Location Notes
Jamie Woon “Gravity” 8:30 AM 40 mins Work Plan to listen to Frank Ocean after this song
Frank Ocean Nostalgia, Ultra 9:18 AM 45 mins Work Listened to Jamie Woon much longer than I expected
Asher Roth/Pains of Being Pure of Heart mashup From the Hood Internet 10:10 AM 2 mins Work Retweeted
Four Tet DJ set 10:12 AM 7 mins Work Found on Twitter
Jamie Woon Mirrorwriting 10:21 AM 44 mins Work
Isolee Well Spent Youth 1:51 PM 9 mins Work Stopped to write work e-mail
Isolee Well Spent Youth 2:22 PM 15 mins Work
Pusha T Fear of God mixtape 3:58 PM 10 Mins Driving home from work
Prefuse 73 One Word Extinguisher 4:10 PM 10 mins Driving home from work
Nicolas Jaar Space is Only Noise 7:38 PM 20 mins Driving to pick up pizza

By this point, my habits are becoming pretty clear: The majority of my listening is done at work and almost all of it is new music. Because I sit at a computer for 8 hours every day, I’m almost constantly scouring the web and looking for new DJ sets or Youtube clips of live shows.

Because there’s so much new music out there, I rarely listen to anything old. A frequent criticism of me is that I don’t listen to anything made before I was born, and for the most part, that’s true. I spent a lot of time getting acquainted with the canon and working my way through back catalogs, but at this point, I like to stay up to date on the new things that are happening. And given that I don’t do a lot of listening after work, there’s not a whole lot of time in the day to throw on old Prince records and just soak them in (this is not necessarily a critique on the canon or Prince specifically).

It was a pretty electronic day, otherwise. I listened to Nicolas Jaar’s brilliant Space Is Only Noise (my current album of the year) for the first time this week, and I also threw on the new Isolee record which is going to be the best record no one cares about in 2011, even people that like dance music.

My driving music was basically what it always is except late at night, which I mentioned yesterday, when I threw on Jaar.

My total listening time yesterday was 202 minutes (3 hours and 22 minutes), which is more in line with Monday’s listening than Tuesday’s. I expect that my listening will hover in this general area for the rest of the week until Saturday and Sunday, when I probably won’t listen to much music at all. But we’ll see what happens when we get there.


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