Music Diary Project: April 7

The fourth entry in a series for Sick Mouthy’s Music Diary Project. Previously: Music Diary Project: April 4, Music Diary Project: April 5, Music Diary Project: April 6

Because there aren’t enough pictures in these posts

Artist Album Time of Day Duration Location Notes
97.1 radio station 6:55 AM 15 mins Driving to work
Instra:Mental Resolution 653 9:46 AM 20 mins Work New leak
Instra:Mental Resolution 653 10:12 AM 10 mins Work
Daedelus f. Milosh “Tailor Made (Sepalcure Remix)” 11:15 5 mins Work Found on Twitter
Instra:Mental Resolution 653 2:40 PM 4 mins Work
Jamie Woon “Gravity” live 2:44 PM 5 mins Work Felt like listening to this track after seeing it on the blog
Instra:Mental Resolution 653 2:51 PM 10 mins Work
Instra:Mental Resolution 653 3:40 PM 16 mins Work
Jay-Z Blueprint 4:02 PM 19 mins Driving home from work

You know the drill by now: listening at work is punctuated by stops and starts and is almost all new material; driving home I listened to some old school(ish) hip hop; and in the mornings, I listen to one of three radio stations that play songs of varying genres. If nothing else, my listening patterns are at least consistent.

My album of choice yesterday was Instra:Mental’s new Resolution 653*. It’s a twitchy dance record that a few friends were discussing and I knew nothing about. I decided to give it a whirl. Not really my thing so I only made it about 75% of the way through the record. Recommended for serious beatz people, though.

I had also forgotten just how good Jay-Z’s Blueprint was. Song after song, I was reminded of just how good Hova used to be. I still believe that Blueprint is dude’s best record because, yeah, it is. The first 5-6 tracks are absolute fire and when it does eventually fall off a bit, it’s not too far. He just sounds invigorated and hungry on this record in a way that you don’t hear from him in most of his catalog.

Total listening time for the day was 114 minutes (1 hour and 54 minutes), which is a pretty steep decline from the last few days. I remember spending a large portion of the day with my headphones on but no music playing. I don’t know why necessarily, but the practice of wearing my headphones at work is just natural now.

*I just realized it, but when I had this in my Excel spreadsheet and would use the autofill feature to copy the artist/album into subsequent rows, the album title was slowly ticking up: Resolution 653, Resolution 654, Resolution 655.


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