On First Listen: Actress – “Parallel World”

Just moments after XLR8R magazines posts the new song by Actress, it’s already up on Youtube for widespread consumption. Isn’t the internet grand?

Actress was responsible for one of my favorite records of last year and one of the better songs of the year, too. While a lot of his work is bass-heavy droning dance music, his new single “Parallel World” is anything but. The track opens on a stuttering musicbox melody with little accompaniment behind until a fried, mid-heavy sythn line enters. The individual instruments are all pretty frantic, oscillating at breakneck speed, but they blend together to create a fairly subdued whole.

The song runs on a little long, clocking in at about nine minutes. After six minutes, it begins a slow decent to its spacious end, but even the intriguing final minute or two can’t make up for a bit of the monotony in the middle. Regardless, it’s an interesting cut to come from Actress whose fingerprints are all over this track, despite it sounding unlike anything he typically does.

Download an MP3 of the song at XLR8R.

UPDATE: Actress, via his Twitter (@ctress_a; if you need verification of his awesomeness, look no further than his Twitter handle) has released three different songs, each about two minutes in length. Recommended.


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