Battlefield 3 recon gameplay video

A friend of mine who also plays Battlefield 3 was curious how I was able to attack flags in the game as a recon/sniper. Playing as a sniper in the game, if you’re going to be effective, takes a different rhythm than all the other classes which have access to automatic weapons. In an effort to show him how I played, I took some video of a round on Kharg Island. Without the capability of recording directly from my TV, I set up my iPhone in front of it. I’m geeking wrong, I know.

In any case, the few tips that I always tell people about playing recon/sniper, and that you can see in this video are as follows:

  • When running through a level, always have your pistol out. Should you happen to run into someone, it’s much better to already have your pistol drawn. If you spot someone from far off, it’s easy to change to your rifle and attack that way.
  • Never take a direct route to an objective. Doing so usually puts you in dangerous situations against more powerful enemies.
  • When taking an objective, stay to the outer edges of the objective and limit your angles of attack: back into corners, find cover, etc. This way, you can more easily manage an attack using just a pistol.
  • If possible, set up a T-ugs when taking an objective. I attempt to here, but have my character spec’ed wrong (I had the MAV set up, which I briefly pull out before putting away).
  • Use your sniper rifle as much as a telescope to investigate areas before moving in as you do a weapon.

Those are the basic fundamentals that I stick to when playing as a sniper.


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