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Punch-Out!! review

I reviewed (a while ago, though it just ran today, go figure) Punch-Out!! for the Wii. There’s really not much to say that I didn’t already mention in my review, but basically, it’s kind of mediocre. Money quote:

Ostensibly, Punch-Out!! is the perfect game for the Wii: simple intuitive controls, the ability to successfully take advantage of the Wii’s motion-sensor capabilities, and a remake of a classic Nintendo title. The game seems so well suited for the Wii that it’s surprising that it took Nintendo so long to adapt it to its next-gen system—in retrospect, it would’ve been the ideal launch title with the system. Unfortunately, Punch-Out!! nary deserves the marquee release that it’s been given; it is a game wholly limited by it’s greatest selling point: its adherence to its source material.

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Deadly Creatures review

My review of the Wii’s Deadly Creatures is up at PopMatters today. There’s a new multimedia editor at PopMatters now and he thoroughly butchered my review, making run-on sentences out of previously separated sentences and patently changing facts. I’m to have a discussion with his later tonight about these things. E-mails will be sent. They won’t be pleasant. Money quote:

As you can likely imagine, though, the real joy of this game is traversing the finely detailed Honey I Shrunk the Kids world around you. Be it crawling past a cell phone that towers over your tiny moniker or patrolling the unsightly and improper grave of an unfortunate soul, everything about the world you’re thrown into seems intricately placed and realistic. Throw in a dark albeit humanizing storyline, and you almost feel like you have objectives and a purpose. So despite the game’s inherent creepy-crawliness and the too-common administrative issues in the game, Deadly Creatures is something of a graphical wonder that, though at times can be infuriating, has memorable moments and enjoyable playability to boot.

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