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X-Men Origins: Wolverine review

About a month ago now, I found out that NCAA Football ’10 wasn’t coming out on the Wii. As I grew increasingly excited about the prospect of my beloved Michigan Wolverines returning to dominating glory (or, ya know, .500), I decided that I absolutely had to own a system to play NCAA ’10 on. So I got impulsive, went out the next day to GameStop, and bought an XBox 360.

Now I review video games for the system–as well as still reviewing games for Wii. My first review is of the extremely violent X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I said this:

Enter Wolverine, a member of the historic X-Men series. His powers are varied but all increasingly cool (largely the most appropriate word for his skills). He can smell and sense danger, a helpful but mostly innocuous skill. His body heals at super-human speed making him nearly impossible to kill, again, cool, but mostly PG-rated. And he has razor sharp blades that can cut through any material and that rip through his flesh whenever he needs them … wait, what? When thought about logically, the way that Wolverine “subdues” enemies is, basically, to cut them in half. He’s the equivalent of a back-alley mugger that has uncompromising stealth and six really, really sharp knives that he uses to fatal effect. But that never passes through your mind when you watch the popular ‘90s cartoon or read the books. He just seems particularly bad ass.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, however, is something of a blood bath. And given the frequency of the gory slow motion cut scenes and writhing, limbless enemies for the creators, this is more a blood bubble bath, a playfully enjoyable celebration of dismemberment and blood-gushing death. This isn’t a slight against the game, though, just an aspect of the game that’s glaringly obvious from the get go.

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